February 17


Milonga 3D- 4th March- Oxford Circus – London

By Diego Doigneau

February 17, 2018

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On the 4th March, it is bringing Folklore and Groundness to our Tango

We couldn’t be more excited to be featuring 


Workshop from 3.00 till 4.45 PM with Daniel Gini
on Gato, Escondido, Chacarera Secrets
(live folklore music by Los Sacha Amigos)

You will discover the essence of Argentinian Folklore by one of the most recognised Folklore Teachers in the world.
Everybody knows how linked the roots of tango are to the Folklore, so don’t miss this opportunity to explore this connections that will improve your dance enormously.

Then at 5.00 PM
You’ll have the popular General Class, once again by David, Daniel and Diego, 3D

And followed at 6.00 PM with the Classic 3D Milonga until midnight.

The DJ will be Diego Doigneau

And as usual there will be 

** Free French Fries, at 8 and 8.30
** Gifts and Prizes for those who bought their tickets online (Ben Vincent, you've got 2 free entrance this time)
** Food served until 9.00 p.m.
** Drinks available all night long.
** Free Cloak Room

The Prices are for this edition are:

SPECIAL WORKSHOP with PAMELA ROLDAN: £20 (£15 early birds)

GENERAL CLASS & MILONGA with David, Daniel and Diego: £15 (online) - no drink included - £16 at the door (now you can pay by card at the door)

MILONGA 3D (from 18:00 Till Midnight): £12 (online) - with a drink - £13 at the door 

We are expecting stampedes of tango dancers
so please, get your ticket as soon as you can and avoid having to complain later on. 

And Stay tuned for our updates!

Once again, thanks you all for your support, reviews, good comment, superb vibes and more, it means a lot to us.

We are looking forward to seeing you dancing again at 3D - 6TH EDITION on 4TH MARCH!!

David, Daniel and Diego

About Pamela Roldan:
Born in Argentina, Pamela Roldán began her career at the age of six in Los Polvorines, a small town located in Buenos Aires province, dancing and performing with Ballet del Sur folk group in the local scene. She studied to become a teacher of Argentine Folklore and Tango at Instituto Folklórico Argentino and at Universidad Nacional de las Artes (formerly IUNA) in Buenos Aires. Her knowledge of the physical and emotional side of dance and movement allows her to work in deep connection with the students needs, balancing theoretical with expressive content. Her workshops are dynamic and entertaining, often leaving people deeply inspired by her grace and passion.

Diego Doigneau

About the author

Have done some theatre and street performing now doing some tango.

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