February 17


23rd February – Milonga La Gata (Lisbon)

By Diego Doigneau

February 17, 2018

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Day 23 February is our III birthday and to celebrate in great we invite to music the night the great musicalizador Argentine Diego Doigneau!!!! You can't miss! Meow!!!!

Diego doigneau

Born in Argentina, he studied music and theatre. IN THE LAST 9 years is DJ resident at negracha tango club, London's biggest milonga. He was also a DJ at internationally renowned festivals, including the river tango in London, the Mediterranean Summer Tango Festival in porec, the circuit circuit in Turin, practice x and viva la pepa in Buenos Aires. He is currently organizing a new tango project in London called MILONGA 3 D. His work in milonga consists mainly of creating the journey that the milongueros will carry out that night through music, as it selects the songs constantly varying from atmosphere. The Core of the night will be based on golden age orchestras, but it all depends on the night, and where it will lead us.

Diego Doigneau

About the author

Have done some theatre and street performing now doing some tango.

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