March 9


Tito’s – TangoBridge – 7-14-21-28th March – London Bridge (London)

By Diego Doigneau

March 9, 2018

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Every Wednesday of March at 19:00–23:00

March is great when it starts with a Tango Wednesday at Tito's!

This Wednesday will be the beginning of many things. Here's the super-plan:

Main dance room, 7-8pm, Paula Duarte and Richard Manuel start their 4-week long Intermediate/Advanced Tango mini-course.

Main dance room, 8-11pm, DJ Diego Doigneau starts his 4-week long DJ residency at Tito's, with his amazing playlists for our dance floor.

Upper dance room, 7-8pm, Antonio leads a free Beginners taster class (the first class of the new 8-week course).

Upper dance room, 8-9pm, Antonio and Kat start their 3-week long one-of-a-kind Canyengue mini-course. This is open to anyone, and is also integral part of our established courses.

So, a Wednesday (and a month) not to be missed!

Diego Doigneau

About the author

Have done some theatre and street performing now doing some tango.

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